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Toy Story 3 opening weekend $110M

Submitted by Chris on Thu, 06/24/2010 - 09:24

My family and I had all been excited for the release of Toy Story 3, the new animated movie by Pixar / Disney Animation. In its opening Toy Story 3 made an estimated $110M over the Father's Day weekend. What a score!

All the famous characters appear in the film, but one thing I noticed, besides the updated CG rendering shaders, is that the movie played up scenes from other famous movies and overall the tone of the film was funny yet older, more mature, and at times very gripping. I would almost say Toy Story 3 is a perfect movie because it literally is an emotional ride. I think I cried twice, and for those who saw the movie will know when those times were.

I don't know if there will ever be a fourth film, but I would be excited to see the new world of Toy Story take place in a TV series (3D animated of course). I think the new character additions are funny, and the toys that are gone now will be missed but have been eclipsed by the new arrivals.

I am more than eager to add Toy Story 3 to my Blu-Ray collection, right next to all the other Pixar movies I covet in high-def.

Top Fantasy Movies Not On Blu-Ray Yet. WTF!

Submitted by Chris on Sun, 06/20/2010 - 23:53

Okay, Blu-Ray won the high-definition disc wars. Fine. But why are so many bad movies appearing on skimpy Blu-Ray releases while highly desired titles remain unreleased leaving Blu-Ray owners bored and dreaming instead of buying and watching. Give us what we want already!!!

The following titles are sure winners when it comes to Blu-Ray releases... when the finally come out on Blu-Ray. Comment below if you'd buy any of these titles on Blu-Ray, or recommend your own must-have fantasy titles for Blu-Ray.

STAR WARS (Series)
- Six movies, none on Blu-Ray. WTF.
- The best visual effects house worked on all the movies. COME ON! That's prime for HD.
- The best sound effects and mixing studio also worked on all the movies. My speakers pray every night to be blessed with the awesomeness of Darth Vader.
- Still available on DVD in two packs. I owned at least three copies of VHS releases, I'm not falling for that one again.
- A Blu-Ray edition of the series can offer all versions of the old movies - Original Theatrical Release and the updated Special Edition releases, each on the same disc.
- Web-enabled portals to, keeping fans up-to-date on the latest and greatest new from the Star Wars Universe. Yeah right. I look at that thing once and never really go back unless its some awesome game and even then I'm more busy playing on my iPad or game console to remember my Blu-Rays have games to enjoy.
- Star Wars updated news ticker feed scrolling on the menus for each disc. My Blu-Ray is connected to the Internet, so please don't hide cool Internet integration behind a cheap menu option three levels deep. Give me that shit up front, I'll take notice and probably get excited to go to a convention finally.
- Dynamic menus where images/video update from the Internet, even for old films. Imagine new artwork of the old movies get made and provided as random menu screens. if Lucasfilm ever read this blog then they'd know that shit is really cool and no one does it (yet).

Lord of the Rings (Trilogy - Director's Cut)
Oh, they tried to pull a fast one everyone by announcing the release of Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray but not mentioning that they'd be the theatrical releases only with the director's cut far out in the cold for some unhealthy amount of time. If they need more time to add more stuff to that work of art then fine, take the time but if its coming down to a marketing team deciding when to release then they're poorly mistaken at the importance that us geeks do not get trumped by stupid things like crazy holiday shoppers because you thought "more people will buy it if we release during the holiday shopping season". You're dumb. Everyone who wants the movies will buy before and then normal Tom/Dick/Mary will be eating up whatever is good on the shelves as holiday presents. When they buy a movie we want because we're fans, we get jaded.
- Three movies... very well done movies.
- Oscar winning effects. Oscar winning director. Just dope shit all around.
- About 10 hours altogether.

Indiana Jones (Trilogy)
Notice I said "trilogy." The fourth Indiana Jones film, something something Crystal Skull, came out on Blu-Ray and honestly Harrison Ford looked odd when I saw the Blu-Ray edition playing in the store. I chose not to buy it, but it did make me die for the original trilogy to reach my Blu-Ray machine in 1080p glory.
- Three movies. Screw the fourth.
- Classic adventure films. Perfect for families.
- Funny and entertaining.

Back To The Future (Trilogy)
The time traveling adventures of Marty McFly are awesome. Hover boards, soda pop, 8.88 Jigga-watts or whatever that crazy old doctor says. I want to see that bad-ass Delorean ripping fire trails on my large screen HD TV.
- Three movies.
- Fun if you're from the 50's, 80's, or now.
- Comedy

The Incredibles
While The Incredibles is not a long-time classic, it is a new-age classic! The awesome, fun Pixar film was the first PG-rated film for Pixar, and it was a hit. It's strange this is one of the last remaining Pixar films to not be released in HD (yet), and its not like the film came out a decade ago. So, seriously, what gives?!
- Animated.
- Comedy
- Great for comic fans, or anyone who ever liked a Super-Hero like Superman or the like.


1987 action movie about an alien being who visit Earth to hunt humans for sport, landing in a jungle filled with natives and a military squad on a rescue mission that goes horribly wrong.

Bloody! Guns! Dope weapons!